Bet your friends:
Any Place, Any Time, On Anything!


You can easily create a bet in 4 simple steps.


Bet your friends on anything you want: sports, challenges, etc...


A pre-selected I.O.U. is agreed on then awarded to the bet winner.


Remind your friends to pay you the bets they lost!

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Create a bet in 4 steps


Select a friend to bet against

Create a bet with any of your Facebook friends that have iBetU.

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Determine the terms of your bet

Here you can set your own betting rules, terms and conditions. Bet on the outcome of The Super Bowl, an arm wrestle, or any friendly bet you can imagine!

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Choose an IOU to put on the line

Select from the list of I.O.U.s available. Bet on things like: Lunch, Coffee, a case of beer, or 5 bucks! The loser of the bet will owe this to the winner. Winners can remind their friend of the bet by redeeming the I.O.U. with the click of a button.

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Establish when the bet will end

Simply determine an expiry on the bet. For example, if you are betting on a football game outcome, select when the game will be finished. From here, the creator of the bet can determine who the winner is.

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Bet on any competition or game!

You set your own betting rules, terms and conditions!

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Fully integrated with your Facebook

iBetU allows friends to place anonymous, fun bets with each other. A pre-selected I.O.U is agreed on then awarded to the winner of each bet.

And many many more I.O.U.s